Foam Roller Stretches Videos  

Foam roller exercises, also known as self myofascial release (SMR), are a great technique to massage and stretch your muscles. SMR increases your muscle's flexibility and motion allowing increased development and strength.

These are ideal exercises for injury rehabilitation. Foam roller stretching is effective both before and after your workout.

Here is a complete list of foam roller stretches demonstrating proper technique and form for foam roller stretches. This set of exercise videos encompasses all of the major muscle groups; calf, peroneals, hamstring, piriformis, adductors, IT band, quads, back, and lats.

Calf Stretch
In this video, trainer Jai demonstrates proper techinque for self myofascial relief of the calf using a foam roller. Great for runners!

Shin or Peroneals Stretch
Trainer Jai demonstrates foam rolling of the shins or peroneals.

Hamstrings Stretch
This self myofascial relief video demonstrates how to stretch and massage your hamstrings using a foam roller.

Piriformis or Glutes Stretch
If you have sciatic pain or walk with externally rotated legs, start foam rolling your piriformis and glute muscles.

Adductors - Thigh Stretch
In this SMR video, we focus on your adductors, the inside of your thighs. These stretches will help you get a longer range of motion.

IT Band - Thigh Stretch
Ease runner's pain and kneecap pain by foam rolling your IT Band. This video shows how to stretch your IT band muscle.

Quads - Thigh Stretch
In this self myofascial relief video, we instruct how to properly massage your quads, main thigh muscles, with a foam roller.

Back Muscles, Spine Stretch
Trainer Jai demonstrates how to massage and stretch your back muscles using a foam roller.

Lats Stretch
This video demonstration of proper form and technique for foam rolling shows how to stretch your lat muscles or pullup muscle.

Foam Roller Exercise Compilation Reel
Foam roller exercises for every major muscle group in one convenient video. Great for trainers and physical therapists! Share and embed this video on your site.

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