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Attention: Human Resources Personnel, Health and Safety Committees and all Employees

Start a health and fitness challenge at your company today.
Our program is so easy! Watch a demonstration video

Health & Fitness Challenges The Right Way

Select a challenge measurement - weight loss, daily exercise, pedometer steps, miles walked and more - suggest another metric
Set your challenge schedule - company health and fitness competitions can be virtually any length, usually between 2 and 16 weeks
Build teamwork, support and camaraderie - add teams and divisions to engage your workers
Motivate employees with rewards and prizes - our system supports both organizer-controlled data entry and honor-system. Set your own rules and define creative prizes, as many as you like.
No company too big or too small - we can accommodate multiple facilities and offline participants, start now and check it out!

Motivate Your Work Force For Pennies a Week

Our program has a tiered fee structure at petty cash prices.
It's just pennies per week per participant!

Reduce Insurance Costs

Arm yourself with actual, anonymous, work force health metrics in lieu of
generic staff demographics and negotiate a better insurance rate.

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Increase Worker Productivity

Studies show an inverse relationship between employee body mass index (BMI) and work productivity. A workforce wellness plan pays for itself. Start now, no obligation.

Worker Productivity Decreases As BMI Increases

Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise

Organize a corporate healthy habits challenge with us and put more resources at your employees fingertips to help them achieve their lifestyle goals. BodySpex is 100% free to join, and your employees can:

Have a health club or fitness facility in your building? Check out our integrated, award-winning body fat scale.

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