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Diet and exercise plans involve recording and logging. Our daily log is easy to manage.

1. Log - Our log automatically pulls your daily plan from your exercise schedule and daily tracking preferences. Simply edit to match what you did today.

Daily log is automatically pre-filled with exercise and diet tracking preferences.

2. Self-evaluation - Note your "energy level", "mental attitude" and "soreness" for the day with our interactive sliders. Did an injury impair your ability to fully execute your workout? Record that, too.

Note 'energy level', 'mental attitude' and 'soreness' for the day with interactive sliders.

3. Daily Diary - Record comments for the day in your personal daily diary.

Record comments in your personal daily diary.

Click "save" when finished logging

Click 'save' when finished logging

To change date, use the calendar picker

Calendar icon - date picker

Click "History" to view a record of your daily log. You can see which days have records and which do not.

Record, Evalute, Refine - If you work with a trainer or have a diet book, you know that keeping a daily log is essential to achieving health and fitness goals.

At BodySpex, your daily log is at the nexus of your program. Your exercise and nutrition plans fuel your daily log. Your daily log, in turn, powers your How Am I Doing feedback. Its daily logging that means something.

Below is a complete screenshot of our exercise and nutrition daily log.

Daily Log screen shot

Post a question or comment. We'll respond and add it to our FAQ. Thank you.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009 6:50 PM
We are aware the calendar picker is currently not functioning for Safari. Please use a different browser, such as Firefox, if you need to change your Daily Log date. We will address this error soon. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

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