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BodySpex Scale

Our do-it-yourself fitness kiosks provide a convenient and easy way to measure body composition. Each test measures weight, body fat %, lean mass, fat mass, Body Mass Index (BMI), and metabolism (Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR).

Test results are automatically sent to secure accounts here at On these private accounts, users track their progress and their goals. Our exclusive interactive charts keep you motivated.

Testing Tips
How To Read Results
Body Fat Chart

Scale Users

Test results are free online. After each test, you receive an email to view your results.

If you prefer immediate results on the screen or via printout, no problem. Our basic scale subscription is $6 for three months. Save with our twelve month subscription, only $20.

Join Now to get a scale subscription. Test as often as you like.

Depending on your facility's hosting arrangement, onscreen results may be available without a subscription.

Quickly Measures:
Body Fat Percentage
Lean Mass
Fat Mass

How it Works

Our award-winning fitness kiosks, featuring Tanita© Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology (BIA), measure a body's resistance to a small electrical signal. With other information like height, weight, age, gender and body type, the scale calculates a user's body fat percentage based on the body's hydration--muscle contains more water than fat.

BIA is non-invasive and accurate. Testing via our easy-to-use touchscreen interface only takes about a minute. Body fat tests are taken in bare feet. Weight-only tests may be taken with shoes on. Persons with pacemakers or other internal electrical devices should not use this scale.  Read our cautions.

Specs & Requirements

  • 12.1" diagonal touchscreen
  • Simple instructions for fast, do-it-yourself testing
  • Industry-leading Tanita© BIA body fat scale (accurate to within 3%; trending under consistent testing conditions is very accurate, within 1%)
  • Thermal printer for printout of test results
  • Wireless (and wired) enabled for easy deployment
  • Optional bill acceptor for profit center configuration
  • Full-color, full-motion  800x600 pixel display
  • 58" tall
  • 16" x 28" small footprint
  • Standard 110v power
  • Host internet connection required (dsl or faster recommended)


Health Clubs, Fitness Centers, Schools, Universities, Malls

Interested in a BodySpex Fitness Kiosk for your facility? We are a bridge to your clients.

Here's What Our Clients Say

"We started getting more member touches almost immediately. The scale attracts our shy and intimidated members, the hardest to reach. I credit BodySpex with a couple trainer package sales in our first month alone."
    Gold's Gym Rancho Santa Margarita

Connect With Your Membership

  • We obtain penetration rates of 60+% within six months. With each test, you have opened a new email and website messaging channel with that member. Promote your PT program and amenities.

Increase Member Touches

  • Members take a test, but now they have a question. We steer them to your onsite experts and can help you identify which members may be interested in some personalized attention.

Engage Prospective Members

  • Engage prospective new members with a fun and fast baseline assessment on their club tour. With a weight goal and baseline saved in our system, they're instantly a part of your program.

Off-Site Club Promotion

  • Increase club membership and engage your community with an off-site promotion. Set your scale in "promotional mode" and talk up your club during your event. Back at your club, the kiosk fires off an email to all the prospective clients you've just met.

Scale Demonstration

Scale Interface Details

Download Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide

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