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I forgot my password.  You can retrieve a BodySpex password by going to our login page, click "forgot password" and enter your email address. Your password will be emailed to you.

I took a test, but never got an email with my results.  An email will usually be sent within a couple minutes of a BodySpex scale test. There are several reasons why you may not get it.

  • It was sent, but went into your spam folder. Please flag as a safe sender.
  • There was a typo in your email address when you registered. Please check your email address when registering. To find out if an email address is in our system, you can request a forgotten password.
  • The scale is temporarily offline due to an Internet interruption at your host facility. Should this be the case, the scale will cache your test results and trigger an email once a connection is re-established. Although we monitor our scales, please contact us if you experience a prolonged delay and we will work with your club to get back online.

I took a test a long time ago, do you still have my results?  Yes. Login to retrieve them.

How can I change my scale settings, like height or body type?  Scale settings are editable via your online account. If you have not yet joined our website, register with the same email and password you use on our scale. Then login and click the About Me link found under My Account.

How frequently should I take a body fat test?  We believe one body fat test per week is adequate.

I took a body fat test, what do the results mean?  Find detailed information about your body fat test results.

What should my body fat percentage be?  Our body fat chart will show you.

How can I get accurate testing results?  Follow our ten body fat testing tips to get the most accurate results.

I've taken several tests, how can I find all my results?  You need to be a member of our free, online community to access your testing history.

  • If you've already joined our website just login.
  • If you have not joined our website (in addition to the scale) set up your online account now. It's free. Use the exact same email address you used on our scale when registering on our website to import your test data.

I am logged in to the website, where can I find my results?  Your test results can be found in your measurement history, measurement chart, and MySpex chart

How much does a test cost?  Tests with online results are free. A valid email is required. After your test, you will receive an email with a link to view your results. Depending on your scale host arrangement, results may also be immediately available onscreen or via a printout for free. If immediate test results at your scale location are not already available, you may purchase a scale subscription for $2 per month. Visit your MyScale page for more info.

Is it safe to take a body fat test with your scale?  Yes. We use a market-leading Tanita Corporation┬« bioelectrical impedance analysis unit. When taking a test in the body fat test mode, the scale sends a weak electrical current through your body (most people can't even feel it). Individuals who have a pacemaker or other internal medical devices should not use the BodySpex Scale in the body fat testing mode. Read our cautions for more info.

Your scale is cool. Where can I find more info about it?  Check out this page.


Is my personal information private?  Yes. Please read our privacy policy for details.

Is your website free to join?  Yes. Join today.


What is a BodySpex challenge?  Challenges are a great way to get motivated. Invite friends, family, and co-workers to your very own weight-loss or exercise challenge. Build teams, offer creative prizes, talk some trash over the leaderboard... and much more. Check out the challenge tutorial video.

Are Challenges free?  All small challenges are 100% free. Larger challenges are just a few pennies per participant per week. Get more info on challenge pricing.

Should my workplace include a BodySpex challenge in our Wellness program?  Absolutely!

I organized a challenge, but can't find the management screen?  On your challenge page, click the organizer icon organizer icon located in "My Challenges" to manage your challenge: invite friends, create rewards, begin your challenge and much more!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009 10:03 PM
Is there a way to get the old scale info and measurements? I started using this in May 2008, but this new bodyspex only shows the scale from Nov.
Wednesday, June 3, 2009 8:32 AM
Hi aanita66, all of your test data is saved, but your measurement history is only displaying the 10 most recent results. This sounds like why you only see results since November. We can change the display to show more results. Thank you for your comment.

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